The 5 Stages of Enwhitenment

Being a white person in South Africa has been an interesting journey. It’s often difficult to know where you stand & I’ve often felt things that I struggle to make sense of. Terminally ill people or those grieving a break up or the loss of a loved one often experience emotions that are difficult to grasp, and the 5 stages […]

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The Kiffness’ Guide to never being offended

When I was at boarding school I used to draw weird comics & pictures in my homework diary during prep. The guys would often pass my diary around the classroom & they’d have a chuckle at the ridiculous things I drew, but inevitably there were those who would make comments like “Yus Bozo, why are […]

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The Kiffness’ Artists Guide to getting paid

As an artist I’ve dealt with all kinds of promoters throughout my career. They can all be clumped into two basic categories: 1. Those that pay on time, & 2. Those that don’t. Some of the nicest promoters I’ve worked with are also sometimes the most difficult with payment, while some of the most unpleasant […]

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#SuperMoon pic 100% real!

This picture of last night’s #SuperMoon has been causing quite a stir online, with hoards of haters taking to The Kiffness’ comments section saying that the picture has been photoshopped. One particular post from Duanne Hardy garnered the support of an overwhelming 11 other haters, and almost convinced the photographer himself that the picture wasn’t real. […]

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[NEW SINGLE] The Kiffness & Josh Wantie – Love Go Cold

I’m incredibly excited about this collab with Josh Wantie, not only because it’s a great song but because it’s very different to any other single we’ve released in the past. Most of our previous singles have been quite upbeat and happy, but this song has a slightly more sombre undertone that will show fans a […]

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AKA’s road manager told Black Coffee that “Harambe was just a gorilla”

Reports have shown that Black Coffee wasn’t even mad that AKA and his band arrived late to the DSTV I Rock show this Saturday. “I just assumed they were looking at dank Harambe memes which is an understandable reason to be late for a show”, said Harambe fan, Black Coffee. “I didn’t even care that they […]

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The Kiffness return to Surf Cafe Plett for 3 week December residency

After 6 years of dominating radio charts & festivals nationwide & racking up 2 SAMA nominations along the way, The Kiffness return to the place where their journey all began, Surf Cafe in Plett. Join the live electronic act for 3 memorable shows over 3 December Fridays (9th, 16th & 23rd), which will showcase some […]

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[NEW VIDEO] The Kiffness – You Say You Love Me ft. Tawanna Shaunte

We are very proud to announce the video for our new single “You Say You Love Me” When we filmed the music video for the song, we wanted to create something not only fun & different but also something that would be empowering to the Cape Town LGBT community. Manila von Teez, a popular drag […]

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