[NEW VIDEO] The Kiffness – You Say You Love Me ft. Tawanna Shaunte

We are very proud to announce the video for our new single “You Say You Love Me” When we filmed the music video for the song, we wanted to create something not only fun & different but also something that would be empowering to the Cape Town LGBT community. Manila von Teez, a popular drag […]

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90% of SA Rock Bands quit after radio stations announce they still won’t play their music

For the last 5 years, rock bands across South Africa have been keeping their dreams of fame & fortune alive by holding onto the hope that one day 5fm would playlist their music again. After the announcement yesterday that SABC stations would increase the local quota from 35% to 90%, rockers felt a collective glimmer of hope and […]

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First person goes to AfrikaBurn without telling anyone

For years it was believed that going to AfrikaBurn without telling anyone on Facebook was physically impossible. Even the most private Burners have reportedly given into making pictures of a bonfire in the desert their Facebook cover photos. That was until young 22 year old student Piet Van Niekerk from Boksburg  attended “The Burn” this last […]

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[NEW VIDEO] Tresor & The Kiffness – Evergreen

We got invited to take part in the 5fm Xperia Mashlab in December 2015 & we were paired with an up & coming singer Tresor. After 3 gruelling days in studio we came out the other end with a song we’re all very proud of. Guys, TRESOR is a remarkable dude. During the 1994 Rwandan genocide he […]

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Same sex marriage is a right, but is it holy before God?

We’ve all heard the argument that starts with “but the Bible says…” While there’s merit in what the Bible says and understanding the context in which it is being said, I believe Christians and people of all other faiths have no right to ascertain what is holy & not holy before God. A couple years […]

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Coming to terms with my white privilege

It is uncomfortable to come to terms with the privileges I have inherited from being white. The natural thing is for me to say something like “But Apartheid ended years ago”, because I want to believe that I’m on level pegging with people of colour. The reality is, I continue to benefit from a legacy that […]

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