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Basic Info

The Kiffness are a live electronic duo from Cape Town, South Africa.

The members currently include:

David Scott – Production | Keys | Trumpet | Vocals

Mvelo Shandu a.k.a “Black Norris” – Bass | Vocals


The Kiffness is fast becoming one of South Africa’s favourite live electronic acts. From the beginning of 2013, they’ve had great success on local radio stations with 5 songs already been playlisted, with all songs reaching top 10 status in the top 40 charts.

The 2nd single ‘Where Are You Going?’ had great success on radio charts and reached #1 on the MTV Dance Charts, and was included on the NOW 65 compilation CD.

Dave Scott studied at Rhodes University where he played trumpet in many bands & DJ’d in a couple clubs in and around Grahamstown.

When he arrived in Cape Town in 2011 to study sound engineering, suddenly he didn’t have any bands to play in and he didn’t know of any clubs where he could DJ. So he decided to make his own beats that he could play trumpet and keys over. This was the beginning stages of a live electronic act that would become The Kiffness today. Dave made his way by doing small shows & made music for adverts and TV shows and has built up enough capital to upgrade from his bedroom to a professional home studio.

His brother Mike joined in the early stages of the band, playing live electronic drums and creating the logo, CD designs, shirt designs & visuals that go with the music. He left the band in 2012 to focus on his animation and illustration.

Mvelo Shandu aka Black Norris joined in early 2012 and plays drums and bass in the band.

What sets The Kiffness apart from most electronic acts is Dave & Mvelo’s instrumental talent combined with a love for hype and uninhibited dancing, which means that they’re a real crowd pleaser. The secret behind their live show is that they aren’t just musicians; they are performers, so the crowd can always expect nothing short of a huge vibe.

They also have a longstanding friendship, which started when they met at Michaelhouse high school in 2001. From endless hours of singing in the chapel choir to playing in the jazz band together, their unique friendship is solidly built on the foundations of music.

Electronic music just got more interesting.


- The Kiffness was included in the iTunes list “New Artists for 2014″ to watch out for.

- The band has currently had 4 singles playlisted on national radio stations.

- “The Kiffness – Where Are You Going ft. Mathew Gold” made #2 on the 5FM Top 40, and “The Kiffness – Pushin’ On” and “Samuel Miller – Stepping Out (The Kiffness Remix)” are currently on the charts.

- Where Are You Going was rated as one of the top 100 songs of 2013 in South Africa based on radio play and sales, and was included in the Now 65 compilation CD in 2013.

- The band has played at many prestigious festivals, including OppiKoppi in 2011 and Rocking the Daisies in 2013.

- Dave and Mvelo were awarded music honours at Michaelhouse for their contributions to the Chapel Choir, Jazz Band and Natal Youth Choir. Dave went on to study at Rhodes University where he studied Jazz Trumpet as one of his majors, and Mvelo did a diploma in contemporary music in bass and drums at Damelin College. Both band members received diplomas in Sound Engineering from Cape Audio College, with Dave finishing top of his class with 98%.

Nice Things People Have Said

“Watch out Hot Chip, these guys are going to be HUGE.” – Goldfish

“It’s like smooshing Flight of the Conchords with Goldfish then sprinkling a teeny ammount of Die Antwoord (only the tasteful side of them) ontop.” – Ben Peters, Goodluck

“The Kiffness truly are, The Kiffness.” – Rob Van Vuuren

“The Kiffness never fails to bring the party to the party.” – Dani Toscano, This City is Music

“up-comers, the Kiffness, got the crowds smiling with their infectious mash of live-electronica and tounge-in-cheek South Arican vibes.” – Red Bull @ OppiKoppi


You can't be kiff if you're all about the miff.