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Hey check! I produced a track for local YouTube kiff okes Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues. Pay day is probably the best day in anyone’s calendar because as these okes will show you, you can buy things like Nutella and ribs, and even put the two together. I even may or may not have […]

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Montara Circle Intro

So I was fortunate enough to play a small part in producing this awesome video for ‘The Montara Circle’ and their campaign ‘Not for Sale’. These guys basically are involved in creating strategies to prevent human trafficking and other social injustices from happening, which is pretty kiff. I did the sound design i.e. the subtle sound […]

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The Kiffness brothers make a KIFF advert!

The Kiffness bros combined forces with ‘The Win Win Group‘ in Jo’burg. The group were commissioned to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the government on Climate Change, and needed some people to do some animation and music for the project. So they got my brother and me on board, and the advert was […]

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