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The 5 Stages of Enwhitenment

Being a white person in South Africa has been an interesting journey. It’s often difficult to know where you stand & I’ve often felt things that I struggle to make sense of. Terminally ill people or those grieving a break up or the loss of a loved one often experience emotions that are difficult to grasp, and the 5 stages […]

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The Kiffness’ Guide to never being offended

When I was at boarding school I used to draw weird comics & pictures in my homework diary during prep. The guys would often pass my diary around the classroom & they’d have a chuckle at the ridiculous things I drew, but inevitably there were those who would make comments like “Yus Bozo, why are […]

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The Kiffness’ Artists Guide to getting paid

As an artist I’ve dealt with all kinds of promoters throughout my career. They can all be clumped into two basic categories: 1. Those that pay on time, & 2. Those that don’t. Some of the nicest promoters I’ve worked with are also sometimes the most difficult with payment, while some of the most unpleasant […]

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Same sex marriage is a right, but is it holy before God?

We’ve all heard the argument that starts with “but the Bible says…” While there’s merit in what the Bible says and understanding the context in which it is being said, I believe Christians and people of all other faiths have no right to ascertain what is holy & not holy before God. A couple years […]

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Coming to terms with my white privilege

It is uncomfortable to come to terms with the privileges I have inherited from being white. The natural thing is for me to say something like “But Apartheid ended years ago”, because I want to believe that I’m on level pegging with people of colour. The reality is, I continue to benefit from a legacy that […]

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20 reasons why girls in their 20s need to stop reading articles about how to live their lives in their 20s

1. You need to make your own decisions. 2. These articles are designed to make you click on them The websites that generate these articles couldn’t care less about what you do, they just want money from traffic. These people know that 20somethings will jump at anything that might provide answers to their confused lives. So, […]

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Philosophical Ramblings – Why telling people to Like/Follow you is Stupid.

Man, people are weird. No matter where I go, people seem to keep telling me ‘LIKE MY PAGE’ or ‘FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER’. Even at live gigs, it seems to be the norm for the band leader to say at the end of their show ‘Thanks for coming to our show. Remember to like us […]

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Philosophical Ramblings – Christianese and Smelly Cheese

Christianese is a language only spoken by Christians. It makes little to no sense for people outside of Christian circles, but earns you major brownie points in the eyes of other Christians because it makes you sound super awesomely holy. Phrases like ‘I feel like I’ve back slidden and fallen into lust, but Jesus’ grace […]

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