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#SuperMoon pic 100% real!

This picture of last night’s #SuperMoon has been causing quite a stir online, with hoards of haters taking to The Kiffness’ comments section saying that the picture has been photoshopped. One particular post from Duanne Hardy garnered the support of an overwhelming 11 other haters, and almost convinced the photographer himself that the picture wasn’t real. […]

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AKA’s road manager told Black Coffee that “Harambe was just a gorilla”

Reports have shown that Black Coffee wasn’t even mad that AKA and his band arrived late to the DSTV I Rock show this Saturday. “I just assumed they were looking at dank Harambe memes which is an understandable reason to be late for a show”, said Harambe fan, Black Coffee. “I didn’t even care that they […]

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90% of SA Rock Bands quit after radio stations announce they still won’t play their music

For the last 5 years, rock bands across South Africa have been keeping their dreams of fame & fortune alive by holding onto the hope that one day 5fm would playlist their music again. After the announcement yesterday that SABC stations would increase the local quota from 35% to 90%, rockers felt a collective glimmer of hope and […]

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First person goes to AfrikaBurn without telling anyone

For years it was believed that going to AfrikaBurn without telling anyone on Facebook was physically impossible. Even the most private Burners have reportedly given into making pictures of a bonfire in the desert their Facebook cover photos. That was until young 22 year old student Piet Van Niekerk from Boksburg  attended “The Burn” this last […]

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