Last Tube

I recently did the music and sound for an animation short by Matt Torode, ‘Last Tube’. I went with an old school blues style of music, a style that I haven’t done in ages, so it was a lot of fun. Was also really fun playing the muted trumpet according to what the character was […]

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Montara Circle Intro

So I was fortunate enough to play a small part in producing this awesome video for ‘The Montara Circle’ and their campaign ‘Not for Sale’. These guys basically are involved in creating strategies to prevent human trafficking and other social injustices from happening, which is pretty kiff. I did the sound design i.e. the subtle sound […]

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The OFFICIAL KFC Music Video!

Yes. That’s right. This is the Official KFC (Kiff Flippen Choon) Music video. Most people think KFC sponsors The Parlotones, but after it was discovered that lead singer Kahn is a vegetarian, KFC had no choice but to find someone who could dance like a chicken to distract the public from this massive dilemma. Music […]

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The Kiffness confirmed for Plett Matric Rage!

Wow, so we’re gigging at VIP (Vegas in Plett) with the likes of DJ Fresh, Jack Parow, PH Fat, Euphonik, Goodluck, Niskerone and the list goes on! What a privilege. It’s almost surreal. We’re opening the festival schedule on the 25th of November, and will be supporting Die Huewels Fantasties on the 4th of December. […]

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New Awesome Limited Edition Album!

So we’ve made a limited amount of awesome CDs to sell at gigs and stuff before we make ten zillion CDs for mass consumption. So consider this limited edition CD a collectors piece if you may. You can buy it at one of our gigs for R50, or here at the online store for those of […]

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Super Bru.

So I’m part of an online sports prediction game (, where you predict the score for the Curry Cup rugby matches. You get a point for predicting the winning team, and a bonus point if you predict the score within 3 points. Turns out I’m doing pretty well at this thing- 53rd out of 65,000 […]

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The Kiffness are now based in CAPE TOWN

So we’ve ‘officially’ made the move to Cape Town, woohoo! Plett was awesome, but Cape Town is the heat. The music scene is happening, and the vibe is electric. It’s like, we were made for this place. Oh, and let’s not forget the mountain. The mountain is kiff. We’re living in an awesome flat in […]

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The Kiffness final Plett gig @ Surf Cafe on Monday

Sooo the long weekend is here. What are you gonna do on Monday in Plett? You are gonna come to Surf Cafe to join us for our last gig (for a while perhaps) before we book out to Cape Town to pursue some Kiffness dreamz! Tickets are probably about R20.00 and we’ll probably start around […]

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SHOSHOLOZA! RWC is nearly here!

So The Rugby World Cup is just over a month away. I’m very excited. So I made this video using Photobooth’s stretch effect. Dig how manly I look. Haha. Whenever I’m feeling emasculated I just have to look at myself through the stretch effect and I’m ok again. I’m also keen to win some competitions […]

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The Kiffness brothers make a KIFF advert!

The Kiffness bros combined forces with ‘The Win Win Group‘ in Jo’burg. The group were commissioned to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the government on Climate Change, and needed some people to do some animation and music for the project. So they got my brother and me on board, and the advert was […]

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