The Kiffness confirmed for Plett Matric Rage!

Wow, so we’re gigging at VIP (Vegas in Plett) with the likes of DJ Fresh, Jack Parow, PH Fat, Euphonik, Goodluck, Niskerone and the list goes on! What a privilege. It’s almost surreal. We’re opening the festival schedule on the 25th of November, and will be supporting Die Huewels Fantasties on the 4th of December. […]

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The Kiffness brothers make a KIFF advert!

The Kiffness bros combined forces with ‘The Win Win Group‘ in Jo’burg. The group were commissioned to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the government on Climate Change, and needed some people to do some animation and music for the project. So they got my brother and me on board, and the advert was […]

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You can't be kiff if you're all about the miff.