The Kiffness at SURF CAFE 22nd June (this Friday)!

It’s time for our favourite place to gig, once again! Surf Cafe Plett! This time, with some new and exciting changes to the band. Mike (my brother) is back, and this time he’s hooking a full electronic drum kit. It’s sounding super rad, so can’t wait for that. Also, The Big Dawg Shandu is making […]

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Vote for The Kiffness remix!

I’m in the top 5 for this cool remix competition! Kifffff. Here’s my remix: [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] If you dig it, please vote for me HERE. Just by voting you can win yourself some fancy RayBan shades. Also if you’re on SoundCloud, a like or a comment would also help. Check out the other […]

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*NEW TRACK* Shawty Gotta Good Thang! Feat. THE BIG DAWG

So I collaborated with long time musical buddy Mvelo. We’ve been through boarding school choir and jazz band together, and we even used to make tunes together on Sunday afternoons during so it’s cool to be making music with him again. This is the first song we made together under The Kiffness banner, and it […]

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