Cape Town Electronic Music Festival This Weekend!

So it’s the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival this weekend! Pretty amped. Went to some talks at the Red Bull studios in town today leading up to the festival, and I must say I left feeling pretty inspired. I also drank far too much Red Bull because they handed it out for free, and one does not simply turn down free stuff.

The last set of talks were headed up byΒ Sibot and Markus Wormstorm, formally known as ‘The Real Estate Agents’. They talked us through the rise of glitch electronic music in Cape Town, and they played some of their stuff as they went along.

The music was really a breathe of fresh air, because I think my brain has been saturated with commercial music for far too long, and it was really freeing to hear something completely different. So I came home and just decided to make a song without any preconceived ideas of how it ‘should’ sound, and just created as I went along. Within an hour I came up with this weird ass tune, but it was really fun to just create and not feel like I had to make it sound like anything.

I hope you like it!

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