Cheers to Brother Mike

So my brother Mike has decided to take a break from performing live for The Kiffness. My boet has played a huge role in the development of The Kiffness so far: He’s done some epic graphic design work for our logo, banners and shirts and CDs, he set up this awesome website, he plays the drums like a ninja and he’s made the visuals for our live shows. So he’s and being pretty flippen kiff in general.

ON THE PLUS – Mike will continue to do cool animation/design stuff for The Kiffness, but is stepping down from the live aspect of The Kiffness because he likes to live in Plett. And Plett is a pretty awesome spot to chill and be kiff. Mike is getting more and more into producing his own kiff tunes, so watch this space for some kiff tunes. Check out his new website to check out what he’s up to. He posts a new comic every day. Keef.


SO – The Kiffness will be a solo project for now. Might think of getting other people to join in the project at a later stage, but for now it’s pretty cool just jamming solo. I guess the cool thing about being an electronic act is that if one person leaves, the whole band doesn’t just crumble. You kinda just adapt and carry on. Mike will be missed, mainly because now I have to carry all the stuff on my ace. Haha, jokes. But in all seriousness, Mike is the kiff oke.

I leave you with this awesome picture of my boet at his last Kiffness gig at St. Yves in Camps Bay. He was closing his eyes because it was so emotional.

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