NEW MUSIC VIDEO – Mr Incredible

The Kiffness – Mr. Incredible from Mike Scott on Vimeo.

The Kiffness’ drummer Mike had this to say:

“I’m stoked to finally have this video up. I started it months ago, wanting to put a couple ideas together that I’d always wanted to do – something involving the moon (I’m kind of fascinated by the moon and space), golf on the moon, a really long widescreen aspect ration, vast spaces, and this little alien creature called ‘Bobo’ that has these glowing eyes. I storyboarded some stuff and figured out a neat little story. I did this project inbetween commercial animation work, and really enjoyed doing it. I’ve found that having these side-passion-projects rock and keep me inspired. At one point I deleted the entire project’s folder by mistake and recovered only a few things, but used the renders I had and built on that. Originally this was going to run about 7:00 minutes but after testing out a couple songs, we decided that ‘Mr. Incredible’ (a song both my brother and I made) seemed to be a pretty good fit, so I edited it down to the song’s format, my brother added some additional sound effects, and we were good to go.

The video is planned to be part of a ‘Machinima’ exhibition happening at a very cool gallery in Los Angeles called ‘iam8bit’.”


Bobo is obsessed with the moon. He goes on a moon safari, brings his 3-iron and a golf ball with him.

Buy “Mr. Incredible” on iTunes:

Music: David and Mike Scott //
Animation: Mike Scott //

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