NEW VIDEO! The Kiffness feat. Mathew Gold – Where Are You Going?

Awesome, our latest single has a new lyric video made by my legendary brother MIKE SCOTT. He went super Atari 8bit on this video, a style we both like very much!

Special thanks to MATHEW GOLD, the guy behind the lyrics and melody of this track. The guy’s doing great things – he’s already got a #1 single on the 5FM charts, and he’s just released his debut album THE RUSH. This song is on the physical copy of the album.

Thanks also go out to CLEM CARR, who played that funky clav riff in the chorus, as well as the piano and sax. What a kiff, talented guy. Check out his band TheCITY. They’re awesome, and also have an album in the piplelines!

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