AKA’s road manager told Black Coffee that “Harambe was just a gorilla”


Reports have shown that Black Coffee wasn’t even mad that AKA and his band arrived late to the DSTV I Rock show this Saturday. “I just assumed they were looking at dank Harambe memes which is an understandable reason to be late for a show”, said Harambe fan, Black Coffee. “I didn’t even care that they wanted to line check during my set – I am just a DJ after all, and having actual musicians on stage with me would’ve made my set look more exciting than it actually is.”

Black Coffee reportedly suggested to AKA’s road manager that the musicians should line check with their dicks out in honour of Harambe, but when the road manager told Coffee “but Harambe was just a gorilla”, Coffee was quick to issue him a swift slap to the face. “I don’t know what came over me”, said an emotional Black Coffee “it’s just that Harambe means so much to me that anyone who thinks any less of him deserves to have the cap slapped out of their face.”

AKA was reportedly ready to rap (with his dick out) over Black Coffee’s house beats, but when he heard that his road manager didn’t believe in Harambe he felt so betrayed & upset that he got in his car and went home crying.

Article inspired by 8shit.net’s ORIGINAL ARTICLE “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are divorcing because Pitt says Harambe “is just a gorilla” ” 

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