[NEW VIDEO] Tresor & The Kiffness – Evergreen

We got invited to take part in the 5fm Xperia Mashlab in December 2015 & we were paired with an up & coming singer Tresor. After 3 gruelling days in studio we came out the other end with a song we’re all very proud of.


Guys, TRESOR is a remarkable dude.

During the 1994 Rwandan genocide he lost his parents. He fled the Congo in search of a better life & after months of hitch-hiking through Africa he found his way to South Africa.

He began his life here in SA as a car guard, taught himself English & made connections with people in the music industry through car-guarding and has worked his way up the ranks to where he is now – one of South Africa’s most exciting artists. We feel very privileged to have worked with him on this colab, Evergreen.

You’d think that someone who has grown up seeing a lot of death & war would be hardened & bitter, but he his the total opposite. He’s kind, polite & is genuinely just grateful to be doing what he loves – making music. He’s a true example of someone who despite his circumstances has chosen to be the victor & not the victim of his situation and working with him has put a lot of my own problems into perspective. It’s amazing that although our stories – including my band mate Clem’s – are so different, we were all able to come together & make a beautiful song.

Thanks to Xperia Mashlab for making this collaboration & video possible & shoutout to all the extras who took the time on a weekday to join us for the shoot.

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