Unknown dude becomes first SA bedroom producer to release track without announcing “big things coming”

A relatively unknown Cape Town DJ / Producer is making headlines for being the first bedroom producer to release a track without announcing that a “big thing” is coming. “I know I’m meant to post a picture of myself standing on a rock in Camps Bay staring into the sunset announcing that a big thing is coming before posting my track to SoundCloud, but this time I decided I’m just going to upload the song without letting anyone know”, the DJ explains. “Even though it was really difficult, I even stopped myself from uploading an unnecessarily loud video of my speaker to my Instagram Story with the default “this track is sounding so huge, can’t wait for you to hear it” caption”.

In an ironic twist of fate, the song has garnered more support than any other crappy song he has ever released in the past. He normally only gets 125 plays per track on Soundcloud, but this time the surprise song has gotten over 200 plays in just 2 weeks. “It just seemed like everyone was saying that a big thing was coming, and so I thought I should try something different & come when no one was expecting it.” This tactic seems to be working in his favour, because let’s face it – by the time you’ve seen 5 sneak peaks of said “big thing” in a week, the “big thing” too often seems disappointingly small on the day of the big reveal.

He admits that if he was being honest, the song was really a “small thing”. But when you have the element of surprise working in your favour, the unknown DJ has proven that small things can often appear bigger than they seem.

You can listen to the song HERE.



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