Chunda Munki changes name to “Vomit Chimpanzee” to prevent jocks from chanting his name

Popular South African bass house DJ, Chunda Munki, has changed his name to Vomit Chimpanzee. This is after reports that he no longer enjoyed playing shows under the Chunda Munki alias. “The mere thought of drunk jocks chanting Chunda Chunda Chunda f*cking Munki gives me a panic attack”, the somewhat rattled DJ told me.

Vomit Chimpanzee admits that the new alias doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily, but he says that any name is better so long as jocks can’t chant it at his shows. “Vomit Chimpanzee is one syllable longer than Chunda Munki, so it makes it virtually impossible to chant”, he explains. The change has naturally came with a drop in popularity & bookings, but he says he’s a lot happier. “People actually listen to my music now instead of chanting like a bunch of wankers.”

The chanting crisis hasn’t only affected Vomit Chimpanzee. Other well known bass house DJs with 4 syllable names such as Kyle Watson have experienced a similar problem. “I’ve been trying to change my surname to Watterson for the last 2 years” explains Kyle, “but every time I try and explain the reason to Home Affairs they just laugh at me and tell me I must have a valid reason for changing my name. I wish they understood how serious this problem is”.

There are rumours that some night clubs are going to start implementing a strict ban on jocks chanting the names of DJs with 4 syllables. The hope is that government will eventually get involved & make club chanting punishable by law. Only time will tell.

Although it’s too soon to tell, 2 syllable alias DJs are also potentially under threat.

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