Unknown SA rock band blames new Facebook algorithm for lack of success

An unknown SA indie rock band called “The Flaming Beards” are blaming Facebook’s new algorithm for their lack of success.

“Organic reach is dead”, complains lead vocalist Jeremy. “We used to get at least 12 likes on our Soundcloud links. Now we’re lucky if we get 4.”

We spoke to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to find out what he thinks about this matter. “I know a lot of irrelevant bands are upset, but the Facebook algorithm hasn’t actually changed that much. People just don’t give as many f*cks about South African indie bands as they used to.”

The Beards are about to set off on their nationwide tour to play a bunch of shows at irrelevant venues that no one cares about. Lead singer Jeremy assures me that if Facebook just allowed their posts to reach all 212 of their Facebook fans, they have a chance of making it. “Until then, Zuckerberg can suck a fat dick.” Jeremy shouts as I leave their rehearsal room.

While I’m here, go check out my new album “Soul Safari“. I tried to promote it on Facebook but the algorithm sucks.


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