Pragtig Meisie [NEW MUSIC VIDEO]

I’m proud to present the video for my song “Pragtig Meisie”.

This song has quite an interesting story. I wrote this song in 2011 – I was single, and I was sitting by myself & thinking what my future wife would be like. The idea of marrying an Afrikaans girl seemed quite appealing, but I thought about how bad my Afrikaans is & how funny it would be if I was declaring my love but I was speaking really bad, broken Afrikaans. So the idea of writing the song in broken Afrikaans came to me & that was that. I didn’t spend too much time on the production, and released the song soon after writing it.

Fast forward a few years, and the song became like a self fulfilling prophecy because I actually ended up meeting an Afrikaans girl & I sang the song at our wedding. It got such a good response that it made me think I should maybe put some more effort into the song’s production – so that’s what I did! The video is a whole other story on its own, but I’ll let you watch it to see for yourself. Enjoy!

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