NEW VIDEO: Celibate Healing

So today is Valentine’s Day, so I decided I would release a song about the very under-rated gift of celibacy.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to present “Celibate Healing”

For anyone’s that interested:
The song basically started as an idea that I had to create a very sexy sounding R&B song & flip the narrative of the usual “guy singing about how bad he wants a girl” & rather make it about how unkeen he is. And now that I’ve explained it it’s so much less funny, lol.
Anyway, the guys at Dolph thought it would be a good idea to base the video around this idea that I was trying to isolate myself from society & the sexual temptations that come with it, so the video takes place in a place called “Camp Celibate” where I live a simple life free of sexual temptation. That’s until I see a bear with a nice ass, and just seeing that is enough to set me off. Needless to say the bear isn’t too impressed with me grabbing its ass without consent & quite rightly klaps me one time.
Although it’s a funny concept, it’s not actually far off from what I went through in my early 20s at Rhodes. Through out high school & varsity I was a devote Christian (and still am, but with a slightly different outlook). During my time at Rhodes, my desire for purity & saving myself for marriage was in constant battle with my desire for carnal pleasure. I had one foot in the church, and another foot in drinking, partying & hooking up with random girls & that constant limbo between the two took quite a severe toll on my psyche. The intense guilt that I often felt for lusting after girls with no real intention of pursuing them lead me to quite a long period of isolation from the outside world, where I didn’t want anything to do with girls or partying.
This was all very well & good and I’m grateful for that time, but on the same token I found that isolating myself from that world almost made my sex drive more twisted & obscure. I could go weeks without feeling lust for someone or something, but then all it would take was a glance at a girl on the cover of a magazine to send my mind spiralling down into places I never wanted it to. Whereas when I was immersed in that world of drinking and partying, a glance at the same magazine wouldn’t have triggered anything.
Point being that it’s ok to try and be better guy, but there’s a point at which suppressing your sexual urges is only doing yourself & potentially others more harm (at least that’s what I think).
Anyway, the video is very open ended & we wanted to create something that allowed viewers to draw their own conclusions or value from the video and/or the song. If you don’t get anything from it, that’s also cool. If you do though, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the song / video.


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