Remix “HADEDA” & get it released on Kiff Records (with your face on the artwork)


Hadeda is one of those songs that doesn’t just belong to me. It is a song for the people! That is why I’ve decided I can’t just keep the sound files to myself. I need to share them with the world. So if you’re a producer & would like to remix HADEDA, now is your chance. DOWNLOAD THE STEMS HERE

If I really like your remix, you will get:

  • An official release on Kiff Records through Apple Music, Spotify etc… with a 50/50 split in royalties
  • An official hadeda T-shirt
  • Artwork with your face on a hadeda (which will impress everyone)

This could be you.

If your remix is kiff, but not quite what I’m looking for, you will get:

  • Full permission to play the remix to your mom, and even your friends
  • Full permission to upload the remix to SoundCloud or YouTube

I will be accepting submissions until the end of January.

Please send your submissions to

Good luck!

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Don't be miff. Be kiff.

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