Lockdown Parodies

Since the start of the Covid 19 lockdown, I’ve embarked on an incredible journey of music. I’ve taken some of my favourite songs of all time & I’ve turned them into parodies of what I’ve been experiencing at home during the lockdown. It’s been an incredibly enjoyable (and sometimes cathartic) process, and I’m glad that others have enjoyed them too.

You can view them all here on YouTube (apart from my Toto – Africa parody which unfortunately got removed):

If you’d like to watch them on Facebook, well, you can do that too over HERE.

What? You want to watch them again on Instagram too? Well, HERE you go.

I do these videos because I enjoy making them & I really don’t expect anything in return. However, I have noticed that some people have commented saying that they’d like to make a donation to help me to continue to do what I love, so if you’d like to make a contribution, you are welcome to do so on my PayPal: https://paypal.me/thekiffness. Thank you!


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