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**NEW TJOON** ‘Voetsek!’

Check out my new electro swing tjoon. The audio is taken from a video of Desmond Tutu kakking out the ANC government for not giving the Dalai Lama a Visa into South Africa. It’s ridiculous actually, coz he’s such a kiff dude. The ‘Voetsek’ part is basically a representation of the ANC saying that they […]

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Check out this new song I made…’Kiff’. I play some nice muted trumpet, and added some kiff jazz piano. I’m quite proud of this tune. Has been a real crowd pleaser at gigs. Stoked.

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**NEW TRACK** ‘Sunglasses at Night’ REMIX

Anyone remember Corey Hart’s 1984 single ‘Sunglasses At Night’? I don’t. Coz I wasn’t born yet. But I got the opportunity to remix it. Was a lot of fun. Tried to keep as true to the 80s feel as possible, even using my Casio keyboard to create some of the 80s synth choir sounds. Haha. […]

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