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The 5 Greatest Gangnam Style Mashups

So over the last few weeks, I’ve come across quite a few covers and mashups of Gangnam Style and these were my favourite. #5 RaOn – Acoustic Cover This girl has an awesome voice and she harmonizes nicely with the dude. The guitarist is pretty average, but it works. Also, I like this video lank […]

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Philosophical Ramblings – Screw Gravity

Was playing guitar today, and I had a random thought: what if I was playing a G, but then the guitar decided to play an F instead? Like it just decided it’s not gonna obey the laws of physics and just do it’s own thing. It would be flippen crazy! Or if you dropped a […]

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This one time…

  So imagine ur Jesus, and you get flippen hammered and wake up 3days later in some cave, and when you come out people are freaking out coz they think you’ve risen from the dead. Haha. Crazy. I don’t believe this was the case. I really do believe that Jesus was killed and then rose […]

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I’m learning how to do Graphic Design

So my brother, ( who’s an awesome cartoonist and illustrator is getting more and more into music production. This inspired me to get more into graphic design work. Here’s my first design. Pretty awesome hey? Only took me 5hours.  

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New Track! ‘Hater’s Gonna Hate’

LYRICS: Haters gonna hate me coz I’m so Kiff Haters gonna hate me coz they’re so miff I’m so awesome and they so not I’m so fresh, they so frot I’m so fly, like an aeroplane. I’m so strong, like a steam train. I’m so kiff, just like my name When I walk on the […]

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Don't be miff. Be kiff.