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Cheers to Brother Mike

So my brother Mike has decided to take a break from performing live for The Kiffness. My boet has played a huge role in the development of The Kiffness so far: He’s done some epic graphic design work for our logo, banners and shirts and CDs, he set up this awesome website, he plays the […]

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New Shirts and vests!

So we got some shirts and vests printed for our upcoming gigs for the summer. They came out looking really shweeeet like a beat. The vests are super light – feels like air when you wear it. The T-shirt automatically just makes you feel awesome as soon as you put it on. Nice

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New Awesome Limited Edition Album!

So we’ve made a limited amount of awesome CDs to sell at gigs and stuff before we make ten zillion CDs for mass consumption. So consider this limited edition CD a collectors piece if you may. You can buy it at one of our gigs for R50, or here at the online store for those of […]

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Super Bru.

So I’m part of an online sports prediction game (, where you predict the score for the Curry Cup rugby matches. You get a point for predicting the winning team, and a bonus point if you predict the score within 3 points. Turns out I’m doing pretty well at this thing- 53rd out of 65,000 […]

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