Cheers to Brother Mike

So my brother Mike has decided to take a break from performing live for The Kiffness. My boet has played a huge role in the development of The Kiffness so far: He's done some epic graphic design work for our logo, banners and shirts and CDs, he set up this awesome website, he plays the drums like a ninja and he's made the visuals for our live shows. So he's and being pretty flippen kiff in general. ON THE PLUS - Mike will continue to do cool...

New Shirts and vests!

So we got some shirts and vests printed for our upcoming gigs for the summer. They came out looking really shweeeet like a beat. The vests are super light - feels like air when you wear it. The T-shirt automatically just makes you feel awesome as soon as you put it on. Nice

New Awesome Limited Edition Album!

So we've made a limited amount of awesome CDs to sell at gigs and stuff before we make ten zillion CDs for mass consumption. So consider this limited edition CD a collectors piece if you may. You can buy it at one of our gigs for R50, or here at the online store for those of you who can't come to our gigs. (If you're local, we will give you nice discount). Artwork was done by my ninja animator brother Mike. He's so nice.  

Super Bru.

So I'm part of an online sports prediction game (, where you predict the score for the Curry Cup rugby matches. You get a point for predicting the winning team, and a bonus point if you predict the score within 3 points. Turns out I'm doing pretty well at this thing- 53rd out of 65,000 odd people. Not bad for someone who doesn't really know a lot about rugby. If I'm honest though, I have been using my magic 8ball to help me...

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