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The Kiffness – Ievan Polkka ft. Bilal Göregen goes viral around the world

My song with Bilal Goregen has gone viral with more than 15 million combined views. The obscure Finnish folk song was originally performed by Turk Bilal Goregen and now features a worldwide remix by yours truly. Buy / Stream here: Spotify: When I first saw the video, I thought it was incredibly catchy and […]

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NEW VIDEO: Celibate Healing

So today is Valentine’s Day, so I decided I would release a song about the very under-rated gift of celibacy. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to present “Celibate Healing”  For anyone’s that interested: The song basically started as an idea that I had to create a very sexy sounding R&B song & flip the […]

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Too Blessed to be Stressed ft. Mathew Gold

We are incredibly proud to present the new music video for “Too Blessed to be Stressed”. A big thank you to @PunchesBears for gifting us with his animated dancing bears.   If you enjoyed the music video, you might also enjoy our live performance of the song on SABC’s feel good breakfast show, Expresso. Mathew […]

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Kirstenbosch Aftermovie

Playing Kirstenbosch for the first time with our friends GoodLuck was an absolute dream come true. What an absolute honour to play on Cape Town’s most prestigious stage with my boys Mathew Gold & Raiven Hunter. I approached the show with low expectations, because being a family picnic vibe I half expected people to be […]

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The Kiffness in Plett

Our good friend DOM LITTLE made a kiff little video of our time in Plett over December. We hosted some of the kiffest parties at Surf Cafe – the last gig was so kiff that the cops even shut us down for being over the legal kiffness limit. Shot Dom for being kiff!

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Don't be miff. Be kiff.