The Kiffness brothers make a KIFF advert!

The Kiffness bros combined forces with ‘The Win Win Group‘ in Jo’burg. The group were commissioned to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the government on Climate Change, and needed some people to do some animation and music for the project. So they got my brother and me on board, and the advert was […]

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Assembly with Goldfish, Cape Town, 28/05/2011

This gig was definitely a defining moment in the life of The Kiffness. I have only had dreams of gigging with Goldfish – they are pretty much my musical role models. And at Assembly – wow, what more could a guy ask for. Woke up one morning and checked that I got an email from […]

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Surf Café, Plett, 15/07/2011

Welcome to this blog. I am David. I make the music for The Kiffness. I am now also writing stuff. So you could call me a musical blogger, or a blogging musician. Or you could just call me David. Today I am going to tell you about our gig at Surf Cafe on Friday 15th […]

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