Die Mystic Boer Presents: What The Kiff?

What The Kiff?

The Kiffness have landed a residency at the notorious MYSTIC BOER in Stellenbosch for the last Saturday of every month! The band had a massively successful residency (Friday Kiffness) over the 2012 December holiday period at Surf Cafe in Plett, and ‘What The Kiff’ promises to be even kiffer.

Dave on Mystics: ‘We’ve jammed at Mystics a couple times and have a good running relationship with the manager Greg. Every gig at Mystics has been nothing short of awesome, and the crowd there really seems to get what we do and makes us feel right at home. We’re super amped for the next few months!’

The event kicks off on 23rd of Feb. Expect nothing short of a massive jam, trippy visuals and many WTK?? moments of awesomeness.

For more info, check out the FACEBOOK EVENT

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