Euphonik accidentally mixes a song in the correct key


In a surprise turn of events, Themba Nkosi aka DJ Euphonik mixed a song in the correct key on his Sunday night residency on 5fm this last Sunday. “I don’t know what happened”, says Themba, “normally I make sure that all my songs are all in totally different keys before I mix them in, but I was so distracted by my Twitter rant to AKA that J-Something’s acapella for that song I made blended perfectly with that song I [supposedly] made with DJ Fresh.”

For a long time now, Euphonik has made a big name for himself as one of the only DJs in the world who makes sure all his mixes are in the wrong key. “For a moment I didn’t know who I was listening to” explains avid 5fm listener, Mark Erlank “it could’ve been you phonik, or me phonik – I felt lost.”

The 5fm listenership took a huge plunge during this shock incident. “With listenership decreased by 38% during the mix, it was clear that many of Euphonik’s fans were bitterly disappointed with what they heard,” remarked 5FM station manager, “We’ve let Euphonik off with a warning, but if he continues to mix songs in the correct key we’ll have no choice but to fire him.” It’s clear that they take these slip-ups as (if not more) seriously than Gareth Cliff’s potty mouth.

“I wanted to complain about this f*ck up on my online radio show that no one listens to, but unfortunately I was unable to make sense of all the ‘key’ sh*t myself,” grumbled a distraught Gareth Cliff.

But not all is lost. CEO of popular DJ software program “MixedInKey” Dan Mixington was quick to respond when he heard what happened. “We would like to reach out to Mr Euphonik and offer him a free trial of our MixedInKey software, which analyses your music library to tell you which songs are in key. Although in his case, we will be willing to create a version which specifically tells you which songs will sound awful together.”

Written by Dave & Headphase

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  1. Mark Stent May 4, 2016 at 7:03 am #


  2. Peter Lewis May 4, 2016 at 7:21 am #

    Now I know why all the DJ’s at the clubs mix like they do, It is Euphonik setting the trend . LOL

  3. EMK May 4, 2016 at 11:33 am #

    these shots!

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